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Responsible Thesis-Writing Process

The University of Vaasa's guidelines for research ethics and research data management.

Research notification, Privacy Notice and Informed Consent of the Research Subject

Applying for research permission is necessary for certain thesis research. If your research concerns a specific organisation, such as the University of Vaasa, you may need research permission for it. The need for permission always depends on the type of data used. For example, if the research involves a healthcare organisation or underage children or other vulnerable persons, permission is always required. In such cases, a statement from the Research Ethics Committee might also be necessary.

The research notification refers to a concise description of your study that you provide your research subjects with. The privacy notice is a description of the processing of personal data required by law and provided to the research participant.The Privacy notice is closely connected to the informed consent (written consent form) of a research subject.

Notification Instructions for the Research Subject

Describe the contents and aims of the study and the role of the research subject in it, clearly and concisely, without using terminology related to the research. Attempt to put yourself in the research subject’s or interviewee’s position: What should they know and understand? For example, an interviewee or a survey respondent may be interested in the length of time it will take to participate, the location or devices used for conducting the research (e.g., audio versus video recording, signing in with personal details versus an open and anonymous survey) and potential preparations, such as acquiring background information.

  • Name of the study
  • Name, contact information and university subject of the researcher, name and e-mail address of the supervisor
  • Aims of the study
  • Manner and location of participation
  • Length of participation
  • Possible preparations by the research subject.
  • Potential benefits of the study for the research subject or the organisation they represent.
  • Processing, storing, sharing (parties) and discarding of data collected during the research.
  • Research funding and potential conflicts of interest.

Informed Consent of the Research Subject

“I voluntarily consent to participate in this research project. I may withdraw at any stage without stating a reason. I may also withdraw my consent at any stage before the completion of the research project. If I withdraw my consent, the data I have provided until that point in time may still be used in the research project, but new data may no longer be used for research purposes. (NB: It is not possible to omit data related to a single research subject from research results after they have been analysed and published.)”

Children under the age of 15 may participate only with their guardians’ consent. In addition to a guardian’s consent, the child must give their consent.

Privacy Notice Template

Study – (e.g., How small-scale beauty entrepreneurs cope at work)

We kindly ask you to participate in this combined survey and interview study that investigates how small-scale beauty entrepreneurs cope at work. We have received your contact information on request from the data register of the local trade association.

After reading this privacy notice, you will be asked to consent to participate in the study. You may contact the researcher by e-mail if you have questions.

Aim of the study

This study aims to discover factors that impact how small-scale beauty entrepreneurs cope at work and to investigate the types and providers of measures needed to maintain and improve work ability.

Research Schedule and Stages

The study will begin with an investigative survey in March, 20xx. This will be followed by complementary interviews in May and June, 20xx, with participants who have given their consent. The study consists of a survey and an interview part. The survey stage will map work conditions, income level, networking and work-related stressors, among other things. The interview stage will focus on the personal experiences of the interviewees.

(Describe the method/surveys/interviews or experiments involved in the study here, e.g., as follows:)

The survey link will be e-mailed to the entrepreneurs who have consented to participate in the study. The survey will contain both multiple-choice and open-ended questions and take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Based on the survey, an e-mail or a text message will be sent to those who have consented to be interviewed. The message will contain a link to a calendar with interview times for the interviewee to choose from. The length of the interview will be 30 to 45 minutes.

Participation in the study will not be compensated. Three product prizes will be raffled off among those who have participated in the survey and a restaurant gift voucher among those who have participated in the interview.

Supplement Regarding Data Collection Methods

(Describe all data collection methods here, e.g., as follows:) In addition to the survey and the interview, data on the small-scale entrepreneurs participating in the study will be acquired from The Business Information System (YTJ) and the statistics of the local trade association.

Benefits and Risks Related to the Study

(Describe the benefits and risks related to participation in the study here, e.g., as follows:) The results of the study may be used by trade associations to plan their activities and by insurance companies to plan activities for improving work ability. The methods used in the study do not carry (or carry) financial risks, risks related to a company’s reputation or risks related to processing personal data.

Confidentiality, Processing and Storing of Data

Data collected in this study will be processed confidentially according to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and the Finnish Data Protection Act.

A brief description of how personal data is processed, and of the potential connection between the information provided by the research subject and register and documentary data (details in the data protection notice).

If a code key is used to identify individual participant data, state the name(s) of the person(s) in possession of the code key. The information is not shared with persons not involved in the research.

Information about any use of the research data elsewhere (e.g., international joint projects or similar purposes).

Privacy of Persons/Privacy Protection in Publications

When reporting the results, subjects of interest and companies will be anonymised. Potentially identifiable parts will be omitted from examples.

The research file and the data collected in connection with the study will be stored at the University of Vaasa according to the university data management guide for XX years, after which they will be discarded.

NB: If there are plans to make the research data fully or partly accessible (e.g., in the Finnish Social Science Data Archive), this should be mentioned.

Research Sponsors

For example, Academy of Finland, Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation), the European Social Fund.


As participating in the study is voluntary, you may withdraw at any stage. Declining to participate or withdrawing your participation will not cause prejudice regarding the services offered to you by the trade association/X insurance company. If you cancel your participation, the data collected prior to the cancellation notice may still be used in the study.

(For persons under the age of 15 years, a mention of participation being voluntary is required, even when there is pre-existing consent from a guardian.)

Insurance and Compensation

(A possible addition, in the case of experimental studies: Research subjects have been insured with the XX insurance policy of the XXX insurance company for damage to people and property.)

Privacy in Research Publications and Publicity of the Study

(Describe the privacy/anonymity of research subjects here, e.g., as follows:) The names of research subjects or companies will not be mentioned in connection with the study, as results will be fully anonymised.

A summary of the results of the completed study will be sent to the research participants. The results will also be reported on the website, blog and social media channels of the local trade association.

Non-Research and Further Research Use of Data

If there are plans to use interviews, videos or other data for other than research purposes, such as teaching or continuing education, this must be made known to the research subjects. If this usage pertains to information (or data) provided by one person, consent must be separately obtained from the person in question.

If there are plans to use the research data in further research (e.g., a doctoral thesis), this should also be mentioned in the notice.

Further Information

Further information about the study can be obtained from [student, contact information]; [supervisor, contact information]

Researcher’s contact details


University, subject, education programme

Phone number, e-mail address

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