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Publishing in the university's own series: Process for dissertations

Writing instructions for University of Vaasa series Acta Wasaensia, University of Vaasa Research Papers and University of Vaasa Reports

Naulattuja väitöskirjoja.

Recent dissertations

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Acta Wasaensia series, dissertations



Contact person(s), guidelines

Add your text to the publication template    
Check language, layout and settings   Messi: Translation and proofreading services
Get necessary reprint rights   See Permissions and copyrights
Fill in and send request for publication permit and publication agreement

  • Riikka Kalmi, Specialist, science communication
Send or bring print-ready material, also reprint rights for articles

no later than

six weeks

before the public examination, to ensure that the books will be ready in time!

  • checking of abstracts Riikka Kalmi
  • layout and contacts to the printing house Merja Kallio
Permission from the School board meeting before anything can be sent to the printing house.    

Check carefully:

  • the PDF file sent by the Publications Secretary. Make necessary changes now, before the text is sent to the printing house
  • the proof from the printing house (PDF file) to check it matches with the previously checked PDF-file.

If you order extra copies, inform Publications Secretary before anything is sent to the printing house!

After you and Merja Kallio have accepted the proof No more changes!

The printing process will start at the printing house.

Merja Kallio will add the publication information to the Osuva. The PDF file will be accessible at the nailing day.

Write a text for your press release and discuss about your photograph

  • Prepare for media contacts also after the public examination

no later than

three weeks

before the public defense

Riikka Kalmi, the Communications unit of the university

See Messi for more information


Pick up your book from the Tervahovi info. On the nailing day the latest.  
Naulaus, the dissertation is made publicly available

10 days

before the public defense

Contact your own university unit.

Distribution of the dissertation   according to school guidelines
Public defense of the dissertation  

Instructions for the public defense

Further instructions on the dissertation process on the university website

Make sure that your dissertation will be ready in time! The timetable may be extended for several reasons:

  • during holidays, usually in July and December
  • multiple dissertations waiting in October-November and April-May
  • the author has not used the publication template
  • language checking has not been done
  • permissions to use pictures, figures, or articles are not correct
  • alternative texts for pictures or figures are missing

Distribution and sales of dissertations


All university publications are freely available online in the publications archive Osuva, which supports the open access publication policy. Dissertations are available at the publication database on the day of the public display, "naulaus".



60 copies of the dissertations are ordered, and they are distributed as follows:

  • 6 copies to the Finnish legal deposit libraries
  • 2 copies to Tritonia Academic Library
  • 1 copy for the public display, "naulaus"
  • 20 copies to the author

The author may order more copies at the price of the printing costs. If you wish to order extra copies, please inform the Publications Secretary before any material is sent to the printing house.


Depending on printing house, about 30 copies will be left for distribution.

Doctoral candidate takes care of the following distribution:

  1. Rector, book a time from the rector's assistant for personal visit.
  2. Dean of the School
  3. Opponent/-s
  4. Custos
  5. Pre-examinators
  6. Member of the grading committee
  7. Professors and doctoral students in your own major
  8. Head of the Administration in your own school
  9. Others, discuss with your supervisor

Other members of the university can download their own copy of the doctoral dissertation in electronic format.

The doctoral candidate should discuss all arrangements concerning the dissertation process with the school staff responsible in good time, since each school follows its own procedures.

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