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Publishing in the university's own series: Identifiers

Writing instructions for University of Vaasa series Acta Wasaensia, University of Vaasa Research Papers and University of Vaasa Reports



Identifier for you

Creator - that's you! - can distinguish and get credit for your work.


ORCID identifier

  • resolves confusion arising from name changes, researchers with the same name, or different ways of writing a person’s name.
  • enables your research outputs to be automatically linked to each other.
  • will, over time, reduce the need to enter the same personal and publication data into many different systems.

The ORCID identifier can be used:

  • alongside the names of authors of scientific publications and other research output.
  • when peer reviewing.
  • to link various reference database IDs (ResearcherID, Scopus Author ID).
  • on a researcher's website or blog.
  • in a researcher's email signature, CV, and other services that handle information pertaining to her/his research.




Identifier for web resource

Persistent identifiers are more reliable than regulare web addresses.

Persistent identifier

Web pages change, move, or disappear.

The persistent identifiers (PID) for documents are publisher's commitment to keep documents available regardless of changes in web pages. The persistent identifiers are registered centrally. When an end-user wishes to access a certain document, the identifier in his request is ‘resolved’, i.e. the correct document is retrieved, without the end-user needing to know the exact location of the document.

DOI - Digital Object Identifier


URN - Uniform Resource Name

ARK - Archival Resource Key



Publication's identifier

Books and series have identifiers to set them apart.

ISBN and ISSN numbers

Every publication has a unique ISBN (The International Book Standard Number), that helps to find and exploit them through different databases. Otherwise they might stay as “gray literature” that is hard to find and unexploited. Both printed and online versions have the ISBN of their own.

Series identifier is ISSN (the International Standard Serial Number). The Publications Secretary adds your publication both ISBN and ISSN.

Every publication at Osuva will get an URN, that contains the ISBN number of online publication, if that is available.

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