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Publishing in the university's own series: General

Writing instructions for University of Vaasa series Acta Wasaensia, University of Vaasa Research Papers and University of Vaasa Reports

Word templates for publication

Forms for publication agreement and request for publication permit

LaTeX template files

The LaTeX document preparation system is used for publication of scientific documents, mostly in the field of mathematics. LaTex users need to learn to master the system themselves, since the Publications Services do not have the resources to give user support.

General writing guides

University of Vaasa publication archive



The following guidelines apply to papers published in the publication series of the University of Vaasa. They are always published freely accessible online, part of them also in print.

In publishing scientific work, the University of Vaasa brings research findings to public attention and, according to scientific principles, subjects them to assessment by both the public at large and the entire research community. The publishing activity gives the University a profile as a research institute and as a member of the scientific community.


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Adherence to these guidelines helps streamline the publishing process. Following the academic rhythm, most publications are completed either in the latter months of the year or in May and June. These guidelines have been designed to ensure enough time for the preparation of all publications. At the same time, they help assure the quality of the publication and speed up the application of the new knowledge.

The University will only accept manuscripts written and submitted according to these guidelines. To avoid multiple revision rounds, manuscripts should be forwarded to the process only after the final revision. This will accelerate the process and help eliminate errors that may occur in dealing with multiple versions.

University research papers are also issued by other organizations, in their publication series or as special publications. The regular publishers of scientific papers usually have their own guidelines that should be studied in advance.

University of Vaasa publication series

Acta Wasaensia 

Dissertations and research papers directed at international readers are published in this series.

All dissertation papers published by the University are available in Acta Wasaensia. A dissertation can also be published by another organization. In this case, the candidate him/herself is responsible for the schedule, printing process and expenses.

The publications in this series are published both print and online.

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Vaasan yliopiston tutkimuksia – University of Vaasa Research Papers 

This series includes research studies and reports within the field of basic or applied research intended mainly for a domestic audience. The publications in this series are peer-reviewed and they are in general only published online.

Vaasan yliopiston raportteja - University of Vaasa Reports

In this series, you can publish various reports, educational materials, feasibility studies, and conference papers. The publications in this series are in general only published online.


The Levón Institute also has a publication series.


You can find upcoming shortcourses at

Examples of the courses that are part of the Researcher's Toolbox

Word as a researcher's tool
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Excel as a researcher's tool
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Contact information

A smooth publishing process benefits all parties. The persons listed below will be of service in matters related to publishing and can be given feedback with the aim of improving the process:

Riikka Kalmi
University Services, Communications and External Relations
publication process, permissions and agreements for University of Vaasa publications, press release
tel. 029 449 8231,
Puuvillatalo P115A

Merja Kallio
Publications Secretary
publication process, publication template, reprint permissions, layout, orders
tel. 029 449 8246,
Tritonia K315

See updated information at (personnel search,
on the front page of the website).