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This guide introduces library's e-book services and gives instructions on how to read and download books on different devices.


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E-books at Tritonia

Through the library, you have access to a wide range of e-books in your university's teaching and research fields. You can find the e-books in the Finna view of your own university as well as in LibGuides. Most e-books can be found through Tritonia Finna by title. In Finna, you can also browse different e-book services and proceed to the service's own user interface to make searches.

You can access e-books by logging in to Tritonia Finna with your university's credentials. Tritonia's library card number and PIN code are required when borrowing an e-book from Ellibs or Biblio. 

The library acquires e-books for different platforms, as packages or individual titles, directly from publishers or through e-book sellers. The e-book collection is constantly changing because some of the purchases are fixed-term subscriptions and e-book packages with regular updates.

Reading e-books

You can read e-books either online in a browser or download them to your own computer or mobile device to read offline in an e-book reading software or application.

Some books can be read by multiple users at the same time, while others can only be read by one user at a time. Most e-book services allow you to make a reservation to an e-book that is already in use. 

For more information, see page Find and read in this guide.


The library tries to purchase textbooks in electronic form whenever possible. The scope and permissions of an e-book license vary by publisher, platform and title. In some cases, all students in the course can read the book at the same time, sometimes, the number of simultaneous users is limited. The number of students in the course may determine what license can be acquired.

The library makes purchases within the limits of the annual budget. As a rule, e-textbooks are more expensive than printed textbooks. The availability of foreign e-books is often better than domestic ones, but on the other hand, publishers also restrict the sale of textbooks.

Suggest a purchase!

You can suggest e-book purchases in the same way as printed book purchases. Just check the "Acquired as e-book if possible" box when filling out the acquisition form. The library staff will then check if the book is available as electronic. Please note that although the book can be purchased in electronic form by individuals, it may not be available for institutional use.

More information about library acquisitions can be found here: Acquisition - Tritonia Academic Library

Report a problem! 

Do you have an e-book problem that is not answered in this guide? Contact us for help!

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E-book glossary

Info icon Offline downloading

The book is downloaded to your device, after which you can read it without an internet connection or browser.


Info icon Epub

Open source file format used for saving and distributing e-books


Info icon DRM

”Digital Rights Management”, technology used to control access to digital data


Info icon Adobe ID

Free user ID that is needed to read DRM protected books. Adobe ID is activated in the app which is used to read protected books.


Info icon Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe e-book reader and app that is needed when you want to download a DRM protected e-book to your device.

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