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Information searching

The Finna views of universities

In universities' own Finna views, you can search for local and national materials as well as licensed and open e-resources. The licenses for e-resources belong to the university, and the students and staff of that university can access those resources with their HAKA username and password. Remember to always choose your university's Finna to get access to e-resources.

The Tritonia Finna search service has three Finna views: University of Vaasa, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences VAMK and Novia University of Applied Sciences.



Anyone can use the Finna views but access to other universities' e-resources is restricted. You can access the e-resources of University of Vaasa, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences VAMK and Novia University of Applied Sciences with the computers meant for searching in the library.

Tritonia Finna offers the option "See what you can find in" if the search in your university's Finna does not give you any results. This option allows you to quickly know if the material is available in some other library.

The national search service

The universities' Finna views are a part of the national Finna family of services. In, you can search for material from all the Finnish organizations in this family. There is material from public, university and special libraries, archives, museums, research institutes and other organizations such as Bank of Finland, Institutional Repository for the Government (Valto) and (Finnish scholarly journals online).

The search service provides access to a great number of various digital materials. In addition to publications, it includes also images, art, films, maps and documents.


Other content available in

The Finna search services of public libraries

Many public libraries located in the same area have a joint Finna search service, where you can search the collections of those libraries in one search. You can, however, narrow the search to the material of one library.

Other Finna search services nearby

In the area, there are other libraries whose collections you can also search:

Vaasa City Library (incl. collections of the units of Hanken and University of Helsinki in Vaasa)

Alma (Åbo Akademi, incl. collections of the unit of Åbo Akademi in Vaasa)

SeAMK Library (Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences)

Eepos libraries (Southern Ostrobothnia)

Fredrika libraries (Ostrobothnia)

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