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E-resources in teaching

Linking in Finna

Link and share materials in Finna

There are several ways to link and share materials. Open the resource in your search list and:

  • copy the link from the address bar or
  • send the link by e-mail or
  • share the link on social media

To ensure that the link to an e-book, e-journal or online resource works remotely, it is advisable to use the link in Finna. The link from Finna goes directly to the online publication or resource, if necessary through a login window for remote use.

Photo: Sharing link in Finna:  copy the link from the address bar, choose send it to email or share on social media

​Link and share your search results in Finna

You can copy the link to your search results from the address bar. You can also save your searches, get an RSS feed and e-mail your search link. These features can be found at the bottom of the search results page.

Photo: Link and share features can be found at the bottom of the search results page

Saving favourites

You can save searches, books, databases etc. to your favourites in Finna. You can also create a public list of favourites, and share the link with your students! Changes to the list are updated automatically, so you do not have to update the link separately.

User rights for e-resources

The library acquires e-resources through the FinELib consortium and also directly from the database vendors. The user rights for the resources are defined in the license agreements. Usually resources may be used when teaching, studying and doing research. Commercial use of e-resources is not allowed.

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