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Data management


The data management planning tool DMPTuuli helps researchers manage and share their data as well as meet funding agency requirements. In practice, the tool will help researchers write data management plans. DMPTuuli includes questions and guidance in order to help the drafting of a data management plan. DMPTuuli is provided by the Tuuli project of the Finnish Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

There are several useful general guidelines for all organisations and applications on DMPTuuli: 

  • Finnish DMP guidance (DMPTuuli’s own guideline)
  • FSD (Tietoarkisto) guidance
  • Academy of Finland guidance (that you see when you have chosen Academy of Finland as your research funder)

DMPTuuli guides you throughout all the stages of a data management plan.

  1. Key themes and issues related to data management plans are covered.
  2. You can answer the questions in any order you want.
  3. Next to every question you see the instructions you have chosen with their guidelines and tips for best practices.

There is a Finnish-speaking screencast on how to use DMPTuuli with English subtitles on the homepage of DMPTuuli. Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) has also written good guidelines for DMPTuuli in English. See: 

Open Science and Research Initiative

ATT - ​Open Science and Research Initiative produces information material and tools to help data management planning: 

Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD)

Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) is a national resource centre for social science research and teaching.

It archives, promotes and disseminates digital research data for research, teaching and learning purposes. The FSD promotes open access to research data as well as transparency, accumulation and efficient reuse of scientific research.

On the FSD’s web pages you find information about

Note that the FSD might be one possibility for archiving, sharing, and long-term preservation of your research data. See:

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