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Data management

Data management plan

​Applications to be submitted to the Academy of Finland or most other funders must include as a separate appendix a data management plan, describing how the project will manage its research data and how the data will be made available upon project completion. The plan should not usually be longer than 1–3 pages. Follow the funder's instructions carefully.  Data management plans (DMPs) are submitted to the Academy of Finland at two stages: a brief description at the application stage and after a positive funding decision the actual DMP must be submitted within eight weeks. 

If your project will not produce any research data to be stored, please provide a brief account of the situation in the appendix. You should submit the appendix even though no data will be produced. The information in the appendix is completed where applicable.

On the first page of the plan, write the applicant’s (the PI’s) name, research topic and application number. Also remember to date the plan.

The data management plan must include the following information:

1. Collaborators (archives, storage services, etc.)

With which collaborators will the data be managed and made openly available?

2. Type of data

What types of data (e.g. qualitative, quantitative, measurements) will the project collect or use? The data content is described in more detail in the research plan.

3. Technical documentation

How will the data be documented? For example, what file format and metadata standard will be used?

4. Ethics and legal compliance

How will ethical issues concerning data management (e.g. sensitive personal information, third-party access to data) be taken into account? How will copyright and IPR issues be managed?

Please note that the ethical issues that concern data collection and research implementation are described in the research plan.

5. Data sharing and long-term preservation

How will the data be made available for subsequent use by other researchers?

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