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Guide for new customers

Good to know about Tritonia's facilities, computers and printing


You can return books through the self-service machine or, when the building is closed, through the book return chute on the seaside of the building.


The library facilities are open for all customers. The reading rooms can be used by students outside library opening hours as well, you can get a personal keycard from the janitors. Group study rooms can be booked online.

Please respect other library customers and keep quiet in the silent study areas.

Logging in to the computers

You can log in to the library computers with the username provided by your university or university of applied sciences. When logging in, add the university domain to your username as follows:

Vaasan yliopisto​       uwasa\username
VAMK  ad\username
Novia   novia\username

Printing and copying

You can print by using the printing quota given by your university. If you need to buy more printing quota, contact the IT services of your university. There are printers on floor 1,2 and 3 in the library, in computer room K325 and outside the reading rooms.

The printers on floor 2 can also be used for scanning and copying. For this purpose, you have to buy a copy card from the loans desk.

Wireless network

There is a wireless network, open for all, in the library (UWasaOpen). In addition, all students and staff can use Eduroam, which is common for the universities and universities of applied sciences.

Standing workstations

At the library, we also offer standing workstation. They are located as follows:

Adjustable table and ergonomic saddle chair:

  • 1st floor silent study room
  • 2nd floor study desk
  • 3rd floor silent study room

Standing tables

  • 2nd floor library (by the overnight loans)
  • 4th floor library (3 tables)
  • K322 classroom (6 tables for groups)
  • Meeting room Vuokko

Accessibility services

The loan period for textbooks can be extended if you can prove that you have a reading disability. Read more.

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