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Evaluating scholarly publications

Evaluating Scholarly Publications

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Bibliometrics is the scientific field concerned with measuring scholarly publications, authors and citations. 

Evaluation of research and publications at universities and research departments is an important part of today's university world; the evaluation is carried out by university administration, single researchers and external evaluators, to mention some.

What is being evaluated?

Countries, universities, research teams, scientific fields, connections between researchers, journals , citation practices

How is the evaluation done?

By measuring citations, various indicators (impact factor, h-index), ranking lists, bibliographies

Why is this an important topic?

In the future's funding system for the universities, the importance of the research and publications is only ever increasing.

Tools for Evaluating Scholarly Publications

News on eResources

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How to use e-resources

You can use the e-resources that your university subscribes to within the university network and via remote access.

Remote use: Students and staff can access the e-resources remotely by logging in with their own username, provided by the university.

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