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Reference management


Mendeley is a free web and desktop reference management application that helps you simplify your reference management workflow. With Mendeley you can:

  • store, organize and search all your references from your library
  • seamlessly insert references and bibliographies into your Microsoft Word documents
  • read, highlight and annotate PDFs, and keep all your thoughts across multiple documents in one place
  • make yourself a researcher profile
  • share your sources, folders, and your work with others researchers

As always, it is important to store your work, sources and references in more than one place (back up file).

Create an account

Mendeley can be used in browser (their home page) or the Mendeley Reference Manager app can be downloaded to your desktop (download the app).

First, create an account to Mendeley. The free Mendeley account comes with 2GB but more storage can be purchased. If you have an account to any other Elsevier's product, such as Scopus, ScienceDirect or SciVal, you can sign in with the same credentials. Do not choose Sign in via your institution!


Import sources

Import sources to the Library in Mendeley in browser or the Mendeley Reference Manager app:

  • add (Add new > Files from computer) or drag files from your computer
  • add (Add new > Add entry manually) the citation information by hand
  • import citation information from a database or another reference management software > Export/Cite etc. (choose RIS, XML or Bib Tex) > save file > drag the file to Mendeley Library or choose Add new > Import library

Mendeley and Microsoft Word

Mendeley Cite

Add Mendeley Cite to Word, so you can add references to your text and create a list of references:

  • Insert > My Add-Ins > Store > search for Mendeley Cite > Add


Citing in Word

  • References > Mendeley Cite (sign in if needed)
  • choose the place where in the text you want to add the citation
  • select the correct source in Mendeley Cite on the right and click Insert citation



Creating a list of references in Word

  • click ... in Mendeley Cite > Insert Bibliography
  • choose the place where you want the list of references > Continue
  • you can edit the references in the Library (in browser or Mendeley Reference Manager app) to match the writing guidelines of your university > then click ... in Mendeley Cite > Update from Library > the list of references is updated



How to use Mendeley Reference Manager

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