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Publishing in the university's own series: Examples

Writing instructions for University of Vaasa series Acta Wasaensia, University of Vaasa Research Papers and University of Vaasa Reports



Examples of the preparation of a list of references


Creator (year of publication). Title of the publication. Subtitle. Number of edition. Place of publication: Publisher.

Author’s family name, Initial/s of given name/s (year of publication). Title of the publication [Type of medium]. Place of publication: Publisher, date of update, [Date of citation]. Availability and address.


Hankamäki, J. (2005). Filosofia räjähti, tulevaisuus palaa: vähä katekismus filosofiselle anarkistille. Helsinki: Like.

Helske, J. (2015). Prediction and interpolation of time series by state space models.  Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Doctoral thesis. [Online]. Available from:

Isaacson, R. L., Hutt, M. L. & Blum, M. L. (1965). Psychology. The Science of Behavior. New York: Harper & Row.

Kotler, P. (2006). Marketing Management. 12th ed. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Suomen standardisoimisliitto (2012). Lähde- ja tekstiviitteitä koskevat ohjeet: Guidelines for bibliographic references and citations to information resources. Helsinki: Suomen standardisoimisliitto.

Vanderveen, T. N. (2015). Life After French Immersion: Expectations, Motivations, and Outcomes of Secondary School French Immersion Programs in the Greater Toronto Area. York University. Graduate Program in Education. Doctoral thesis. [online]. Available from:

Vapaavuori, J. et al. (2014). Energy and Climate Roadmap 2050 – Report of the Parliamentary committee on Energy and Climate Issues on 16 October 2014. MEE Publications, Energy and the climate 50/2014. [Helsinki]: Ministry of Employment and the Economy. 2013-06-27 [Cited on 16.5.2017] Available from:


Author’s family name, Initial/s of given name/s (year of publication). Title of the article. Name of the periodical (paper) Volume number: number of the issue, pages on which the article can be found.

Author’s family name, Initial/s of given name/s (year of publication). Title of the article. Name of the periodical (paper) [Type of medium] Volume number: number of the issue, pages on which the article can be found. [date of citation]. Availability and address.

Author’s family name, Initial/s of given name/s (year of publication). Title of the article. In Editor/s of the collection (Ed./Eds). Title of the collection. Place of publication: Publisher. Pages.


Butz, B. P., Duarte, M. & Miller, S. M. (2006). An intelligent tutoring system for circuit analysis. IEEE Transactions on Education [online] 49: 2, 216–223. Available from:

Malaska, P. & Virtanen, I. (2005). Orienteering in the futures universe. A map analogy-based set-theoretic approach to the theory of futuribles. In E. K. Laitinen & T. Laitinen (Eds). Contributions to Accounting, Finance, and Management Science. Essays in Honour of Professor Timo Salmi. Vaasa: University of Vaasa. 261–284.

McConnell, W. H. (1993). Constitutional history. In The Canadian Encyclopedia [CD-ROM]. Macintosh version 1.1. Toronto: McClelland & Steward.

Saleem, Salman & Larimo, Jorma (2016). Hofstede Cultural Framework and Advertising Research: An Assessment of the Literature. In   Christodoulides, George, Stathopoulou, Anastasia, Eisend, Martin (Eds.). Advances in Advertising Research (Vol. VII) Bridging the Gap between Advertising Academia and Practice. Wiesbaden: Gabler Verlag. 247-263. [online] 2016-08-25 Available from:

Sidorov, J. (2006). It ain't necessarily so: The electronic health record and the unlikely prospect of reducing health care costs. Health Affairs 25: 4, 1079–1085. [online] 2006-06. Available from:

Simonsuuri-Sorsa, M. (2002). Tutkimusetiikka tutkijankoulutuksessa. In S. Karjalainen ja muut (Toim.). Tutkijan eettiset valinnat. Helsinki: Gaudeamus. 118–125.

Talvinen, J. M. & Saarinen, T. (1995). MkIS support for the marketing manage ment process: perceived improvements for marketing management. Marketing Intelligence & Planning 13: 1, 18–27.
Citation without creators
Sometimes you have to make a citation without the author. This might be the case in official announcements, directions, legal texts, committee reports and statistics. The SFS standard provides instructions for referring to collective publications. Here are a few examples.

Administrative Procedure Act 6.6.2003/434

Cost index of civil engineering works. 1993, December. Helsinki: Statistics Finland.

Council of the Faculty of Business Studies at the University of Vaasa. 2006. Minutes. Meeting 1/2006. 17 Jan. 2006.

The EU in the World: 2015 Edition (2015). Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2015.

Index of wage and salary earnings. 1988, 1st quarter. Helsinki: Statistics Finland.

Patent Law Committee Report 1993. Committee report 1993:40. Helsinki Finnish Government Printing Office.

Report of the Expert Group on B2B Internet trading platforms. Final report. European Commission. Technology for innovation, ICT industries and e- business. Brussels, 2003.

Universities Act 24.7.2009/558.

Research data
Salmivaara, A. et al. (2017). Topographic Wetness Index for Finland, Natural Resources Institute Finland. Etsin research data finder. Available from:
Social media, such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Doctoral Students of the University of Vaasa (2017). Today: Information event: Final steps for doctoral candidate and publishing your thesis, 22.3. at 15-16, A213. Facebook. [online] 2017-03-22 [Cited on  30.5.2017] Available from:

GVSU Libraries (2013). What is a DOI? Youtube. [online] 2013-08-12 [Cited on 6.2.2017]. Available from:

Hildén, K. (2017). Everyday communications gone social. The Universe blog. [online] 2017-02-01 [Cited on 2.2.2017].  Available from: [Archived on 27.6.2017:].

Kalmi, R. (2016). Today at the University of Vaasa: The Graduate School of Finance ja The Finnish Doctoral Programme in Economics had their summer workshop in Finance. Facebook: Doctoral Students of the University of Vaasa. [online] 2016-05-27 [Cited on 30.5.2017] Available from:

Kultalahti, S. (2017). Messages from Generation y. Youtube: TEDx Talks. [online] 2017-12-13 [Cited on 22.12.2017]. Available from:

McAdoo, T. (2016). How to Cite a Blog Post in APA Style. The APA Style Blog. [online] 2016-04-05 [Cited on 27.6.2017]. Available from: [Archived on 22.6.2017:].

Tritonia (@TritoniaLib) (2017). #Hanken #ÅboAkademi and #Univaasa students and staff: Have you already tried out new Refworks? Log in to old Refworks and you'll find a link. Twitter. [online] 2016-11-15 [Cited on 2.2.2017]. Available from:



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